“Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever. Changing technology and customer behaviour, combined with different generations in the workforce are creating a new economy. And with it, new opportunities”

Stephen Ingledew, Managing Director, Marketing, Standard Life

We commissioned research to explore the driving force behind small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These make up the majority of UK businesses. They’re renowned for their innovation and represent an important growth engine of our economy.

Our findings call on UK business leaders to empower their employees to adapt quickly to changes beyond the confines of the job description. Whether that's capitalising on individual talent or on the benefits of an inclusive and diversely skilled workforce, success is no longer just about 'business'.

It’s Business. And some.

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Business. And some report

Our Business. And some report highlights a number of key insights. Not simply the emerging qualities driving success today, but how your business can benefit.

We reveal a far more complex and powerful set of core business values centered around people. Values that place inclusion, empowerment and the wider society at their heart.

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Key drivers for business success

Culture drives innovation

Creativity and innovation are essential in future-proofing businesses

Spread responsibility to boost prosperity

Leaders want to empower their people and employees want to be trained and trusted

Keep learning

Constant upskilling is required at all levels of the business

Agility dominates business planning

The traditional five-year business plan is a thing of the past

The rise of the ‘aspirational’ business

Organisations understand that to stay competitive and meet customer needs, they must invest in their workforce

Being a more inclusive business

Shaping the fortunes and fulfilment of individuals and broader industries, whilst making a positive contribution to society at large is key

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